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S Words Internet Dictionary

Internet Dictionary S. This section contains technology words that begin with the letter S. They are in reference to computers, the Internet, mobile, video, and other related industries.

This dictionary contains networking words for etiquette. The definitions have positive meanings for proper Netiquette. It is an Information Age reference for good words. These terms and their use are central to electronic culture.

Internet Dictionary S


Freedom from harm, potential danger, and victimization by criminals on the internet. More »


An automated check of file data by a software program.


An Agile software development process with Product Owners, Development Teams, and Srum Masters.


A cellular telephone with a mobile operating system. More »

Social Media

The interactive dissemination of information through the internet, User Generated Content (UGC). More »

Social Network

A domain that allows users to connect with contacts to share information. More »


The aggregate of digital relationships between people living together in an ordered community.


The acquisition of knowledge from reading about a subject and writing. More »


The continuous play of media content, audio and video, from the Internet, audio and Video On Demand (VOD).