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Video Game Netiquette The Culture of Gaming

Video Game Netiquette

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A short animation that shares the explanation of video game netiquette.

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Video Game Netiquette

Video Game Netiquette

Video Game Netiquette

Video Game Netiquette is the culture of electronic games. Games played on network devices displayed on video screens.

Video software entertainment that engages users who manipulate video with input. They can keep you mentally fit and on your toes.

The benefits depend on the type of games played and how the experience is processed. It takes a lot of education to process the experience properly.


Video game netiquette rules are the conventions of playing. A social code of sportsmanship followed. Competition is central to the guidelines followed in gaming.

This form of entertainment has been known to cause aggression. Competition can be aggressive. Sportsmanship brings an element of fellowship to the game.

An outlet of exercise is a conventional suggestion. Balanced game play that limits exposure to violence is advisable.

Video Game

Video Game

A video game is a software program that takes user input to tell a story. Winning is reaching a predefined goal with proper input.

The story of the game plays out on a video screen. They are streams of data. The outcome is manipulated by a user.

Competition is a key element. Other players may be the competition or the software itself.

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