The rules of good behavior online. Everyone could use a little Netiquette. School rules and communication tools.

Golden Rule - The First Rule of Civilization

Positive Thinking Social Network Netiquette Rules

Positive Thinking - Social Network Netiquette Rules
Positive Thinking - Social Network Netiquette Rules

It is proper Netiquette to think positive when consuming content. Don't think the worst.


Positive thinking opens up the possibility for positive things to happen. Plan for the best and prepare for the worst. Electronics have a digital disconnect between reality and feeling. In real life, engagement provides many non-verbal messages. Online, messages are communicated digitally through audio, video, and text. Positive thinking completely discounts any negative feelings from digital contact because it is not real.

Internet Etiquette

Positive thinking is a state of mind, not a state of thought. The positive state of mind does not jump to negative conclusions. Even if it is a correct assumption. Jumping to negative conclusions comes from bad experiences and a negative attitude. Do not let past experiences make you a negative person. Look at every engagement in a positive light and protect yourself from negative comments with political correctness. When you have something negative to post turn it into a positive. Post a positive that corrects the negative you were going to highlight.


Think positive because it will contribute to a better experience.

SocMed Netiquette 00:01:12

This animated production is set in the cyber space. The main character is male to make it clear that these rules are meant to prevent cyber bullying that guys have been known to do.

These conventions are designed to encourage positive communication on other levels. Following allows us to interact with each other in a respectful way.

Digital friendship rules may be another way of putting it. How to be cool with each other.

Blogging Netiquette 00:01:08

This animated production is set in reality with cyber space scenery. The main characters are a child and a tutor.

These conventions are fundamental in providing a good online experience for users. Most posts may be classified as blogging.

These conventions provide structure. They make sure that points are made. They do not ensure opinions will be accepted.

Pic Guidelines 00:01:13

This animated production is set in cyber space. Digital imagery is the topic.

These conventions are a combination of traditional photography tips and digital etiquette. They are displayed in writing with background music.

The design was for tips to increase engagement while avoiding offensive conduct.

Social Networking 00:03:30

This animation is set in cyberspace. A girl and a boy represent the innocent and practical nature of working together.

We have to teach each other how to deal with us within the boundaries of our relationships. Family friendly is how the content may be viewed. The intent is for an older audience.

These characters are the future leaders of the world. Many of the principles are taught in the second grade. Chiles Grandmothers' have a significant influence on all content. Grandma Nettie is the nicest person in the world. His other Grandma taught second grade.

Audio Network Conventions 00:01:10

This animation shows what is meant by following the conventions. There are two main characters.

Consumption of audio content that has a positive effect is the intent of these rules.

Specific music is not mentioned. The effects are the issue.

Reading Network Conventions 00:00:52

This animation aims to encourage participation on text based networks. Reading text gives us more knowledge. There is a correlation between reading and intelligence.

Given the relationship between reading and social standing, we should all participate. These tips may help you move up.

The specific content is not mentioned. Some works have more value than others. They are classified by content type.