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Safety Netiquette A Culture Conventions To Be Risk Free

Cybersafety Netiquette

Published: May 15, 2016

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Description: This animation is set in a safety room. There are labels on objects in the background for safe practices. The definition of cybersafety netiquette is given. It was originally published on YouTube many years ago.


Selena Cybersafety

Safety Netiquette

Safety Netiquette

Safety Netiquette

Safety Netiquette is the culture of internet with freedom from danger, harm, or risk. In order to be safe we must protect ourselves.

There are guidelines we can follow for staying safe on the Internet. The culture of freedom includes practices to prevent harms we know are possible.

Freedom is interchangeable with safety. This can be a lot for some people to think about. Crime is slavery at worst. It is psychopathic at best.

Social inequality must be taken into account in the consideration of criminal activity. Some people do not know any better. Others cannot afford to follow the law.

There are subcategories of safety based on how we protect ourselves online. A list is provided below.

  • Personal
  • Hoaxes
  • Antivirus
  • Computer
  • Mobile


Safety netiquette Rules are customs for preventing harm. Positive interaction is safe. Harm is negative.

These practices are tips. There is no guarantee that we will not get hurt by following them. Breaking them does not guarantee we will be harmed. A lot of being harmed depends on association.

Following safety habits is something to do for goodness sake and for no other reason. Expectation cannot be inferred. Trust in the greater good must be given by following common conventions.

Avoidance of criminals is a good defense. This culture is about it. Associating with the right people online is central to it. A lot of it has to do with protecting children.

In reality, kids are not left alone with strangers. We watch what we say around them. Monitoring kids on the internet prevents them from playing with strangers.

Filtering content with software saves kids from some adult content. Protecting children from strangers does not protect them from themselves. Children must be monitored.

Cyber bullying and teasing are issues kids and teens have among themselves. It is not realistic to think we can monitor internet activities all the time. Filtering software helps.



Cyber safety is freedom from danger, risk, injury, or crime on the internet. Cyber denotes the internet or electronics.

Electronic danger includes safety concerns about electric static radiation and other signals from wireless devices. Risk from using computers is an all inclusive term.

Injury can includes things like damage to a credit report from identity theft. Injuries we suffer from accidents caused by driving while distracted.

Internet harm is injury that is aided by the internet in any way. This includes crime. Dangers, risks, injuries, and crimes are things that cyber society seeks to eliminate altogether.

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