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Golden Rule - The First Rule of Civilization

Safety Netiquette Rules Tips for Freedom From Harm

Cybersafety Netiquette Rules

Published: May 15, 2016

Time: 00:01:28 Minutes : Seconds

Category: Science and Technology

Description: This animation is set in the jungle of the internet. Netiquette soldiers discuss safety netiquette rules.


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Safety Netiquette Rules

Safety Netiquette Rules

Safety Netiquette Rules

Safety Netiquette Rules are practices for preventing harm. Conventions that protect users are tips which may prevent harm if followed. There is no guarantee.

These guidelines are the general reason why we practice netiquette. Any code of conduct protects followers. This entire system is designed for inclusion of all users in order to keep them safe from harm.

We use it to identify good and bad users. In general, an offer of money for nothing is to be avoided. It is unsafe.


1. Receipts

Print or save electronic receipts and a product description for items purchased. More »

2. Strong Passwords

Strong passwords include a number, special character, and capital letter. More »

3. Personal Information

Refrain from sharing personal information. More »

4. Antivirus

Use antivirus software. More »

5. Don't Share Passwords

Keep your password private. Do not share it. More »

6. Back Up

Back up important files regularly. More »

7. Update Software

Update software regularly. More »

8. Privacy Policy

Read the privacy policy of a website before using it. More »

9. In Real Life

Know the difference between a cyber friend and a friend in real life. More »


In its simplest form our data has to be protected to keep us safe. These rules are practice for protecting our data. We use what we know to create rules to prevent harm. Safety is customary.

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