The rules of good behavior online. Everyone could use a little Netiquette. School rules and communication tools.

Golden Rule - The First Rule of Civilization

Professional Social Network Netiquette Business Casual Connections

Professional Social Network Netiquette

Professional Social Network Netiquette

Professional Social Network Netiquette

Professional Network Netiquette is about connecting with colleagues and contacts through social media.

These social networks have a lot more order than personal social media. The connections are based on how we earn a living.

The culture of connecting with contacts in these domains is inspirational. We make contact for production, practice, and piece of mind.

Products are sold to earn a living. Professions are practiced. Piece of mind can be found from the support of friends.


Professional social network netiquette rules are the customs of engagement. The guidelines are formally informal.

Messages generate responses in kind. Most people are on a first name basis from the start. There are formalities that require professional vocabulary. Acronyms are used heavily.

Appropriate language is central to cultivating relationships. We have to understand each other to connect. Using acronyms tests our industry knowledge.

Competence and cover letters are required. We have to be competent in our field to make contacts. Correspondence outside the network is subject to traditional guidelines.

Recommendations and other validation play a key role in the culture.

Professional Social Media

Professional Social Media

Professional Social Media is User Generated Content for contacts within an industry. Business networking to support a career.

Contacts, content, curation, and recommendations regarding how we earn a living are professional social networking.

There is an industry of specialized networks. Niche networks are industry specific. Others include all professions.

Golden Rule


Mistress and student discuss the principle of society. Mistress teaches the do unto others quote.

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Core Rules


A meeting to discuss etiquette. Essential online safety tips and guidelines are shared.

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Nancy Netiquette

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Social Media


From the newsroom, User Generated Content communication skills.

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A news broadcast of conventions for easily movable devices and wireless connections.

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Techniques for engagement during the acquisition of knowledge.

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Digital Citizens discuss freedom from harm and risk online.

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A lesson in business etiquette for electronics at the office.

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Email etiquette incuding the inverted pyramid style of writing.

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From the news station, digital motion picure tips for capturing and viewing.

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