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Phablet Netiquette The Culture of Big Phones

Phablet Netiquette

Published: June 17, 2016

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Category: Science and Technology

Description: A short animation that explains phablet netiquette.


David Chiles

Phablet Netiquette

Phablet Netiquette

Phablet Netiquette

Phablet Netiquette is the culture of phones big enough to be tablets. A society of people who use big smartphones.

They are a status symbol in the technology world. These devices are expensive and easy to spot because of their size. A person using one has arrived in the digital world.


Phablet Netiquette rules focus on appropriate use. More apps are appropriate for their size. The power of apps play a major role in guidelines.

The size of their screens makes them conspicuous. Less appropriate in more situations. More usable in others. Many apps, which include websites, operate differently on a larger screen.

The processor power allows users to do things traditionally considered personal computing. Social constraints place boundaries on them when and where we do them.



A phablet is a mobile device that combines features of a tablet computer and smartphone. The term describes smartphones with screen sizes larger than 5 inches.

They are manufactured as phones and have internet connectivity from service providers and Wi-Fi. The screens are high resolution.

Specifications allow apps to run more smoothly. Screen resolution makes video easier to watch. Size allows web pages to display more content.

Responsive Web Design enables pages to adjust content to the size of the screen. This benefits these devices most of all because smaller screens have functions removed.

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