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Phablet Netiquette Rules Cultural Conventions for Large Smartphones

Phablet Netiquette Rules

Published: June 17, 2016

Time: 00:01:25 Minutes : Seconds

Category: Science and Technology

Description: A short animation that shares the rules of phablet netiquette from the newsroom.


Nancy Netiquette

David Chiles

Phablet Netiquette Rules

Phablet Netiquette Rules

Phablet Netiquette Rules

Phablet Netiquette Rules. The rules are guidelines and tips for effective communication. The theme of these rules are appropriate use of the screen for its size.

Responsive Web Design makes the display more user friendly than smaller devices. Apps can be used in more productive ways. Entertainment is more enjoyable.

Safety is a minor issue. Glass displays have been known to break and crack. Stylus’s get lost. There are conventions to keep these things in order. This is the social code of using Smartphones with large screens and a stylus.


1. Case

Use a case for protection from cracks, scratches, and theft. More »

2. Screen

Share the screen with friends. More »

3. Video Chat

Video chat the way everyone always wanted to, with a big screen in High Definition. More »

4. Stylus

Keep your stylus safe by putting it away when your finished and having extras in case you lose one. More »

5. Passwords

Use password protection for the screen lock. Do not let the device remember passwords. More »


Phablets are a growing class of computers. The more powerful apps become the more conventional these big phones become. They have enough storage and processor power to comfortably use the features of most phones with the benefits of a larger screen.

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