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Golden Rule - The First Rule of Civilization

No Over Payments Personal Safety Netiquette Rules

No Over Payments - Personal Safety Netiquette Rules
No Over Payments - Personal Safety Netiquette Rules

It is good Netiquette to refrain from accepting over payments. Don't accept over payments.


Over payment scams are commonly called “Nigerian” scams. Someone sends a fake check for more than the price of an item. Then asks for the balance of the overpayment. Financial institutions make funds available before the money is actually transferred. The funds become available, but the check does not clear. The person who deposited the check is held responsible not the issuer. There are many variations of this scam.

Internet Etiquette

Online check cashing scams generally start out with a criminal telling a person they are rich. Often there is an elaborate story. The story makes a person feel like it is a once in a lifetime chance to earn easy money. Variations include stories of hardship, unfair treatment, or worse. Generally scam artists find their marks through phishing email spam. They spam the story to email addresses and hope for response. Most of the time the scam artist in a country that will not prosecute them. Nigeria for example.


No overpayments because the funds may turn out to be fraudulent.

Golden Rule


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