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Golden Rule - The First Rule of Civilization

Clean Cache Personal Safety Netiquette Rules

Clean Cache - Personal Safety Netiquette Rules
Clean Cache - Personal Safety Netiquette Rules

It is good Netiquette to clean your cache regularly. Do run the disk cleanup program often.


Cookies collect consumer data about user surfing habits. This information is collected can be sold. Virtually all websites use cookies. Websites require cookies to login. Cookies store login session data. Advertisements use cookies to serve relevant ads.

The data stored in a cookie varies by domain. Cookies allow users to stay logged into websites while not using them. Some websites offer to let users stay logged in for up to two weeks.

Internet Etiquette

Google collects data unique data from user with accounts. AdSense, a popular advertising platform, installs cookies in web browsers.

Cleaning your browser cache regularly limits the amount of data collected by the websites a given user visits. It protects the privacy of users browsing the web by deleting personally identifiable information. It is a security precaution as well because users who stay logged in cannot access the site without logging in when cookies are removed.


Remove cookies regularly by cleaning cache because it deletes website tracking.

Golden Rule


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