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Personal Email Netiquette Messages Between Contacts

Personal Email Netiquette

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A short animation that includes an explanation of personal email netiquette.

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Personal Email Netiquette

Personal Email Netiquette

Personal Email Netiquette

Personal Email Netiquette is the culture of personal electronic messages. These online messages are related to our interests.

The culture of interesting messagess is as broad as our interests. We can communicate with people for almost any reason.

Since it is personal, it is up to the sender to decide what to include in a message. Social constraints place boundaries on acceptable content. Friends have their own rules.


Personal email netiquette rules are the customs of interesting messages. The conventions of sending email that is not related to how we earn a living.

Privacy is central to these customs. Good friends and associates keep personal information private. Confidentiality is an issue.

The person sending the message has a reasonable expectation of privacy. Forwarding private messages without the sender’s permission is a breach of privacy.

A reasonable person does not expect private information to be shared without their knowledge.

Personal Email

Personal Email

An email is an electronic message sent through the internet via an application. Free accounts are available.

Some services provide fee based accounts. Free accounts are used for personal and business reasons.

Personal messages are not related to how we earn a living. They are about our personal interests. Friends, family, events, and topical informational messages.

Generally, personal email comes from a personal account. This excludes company domains or work related accounts.

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