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Golden Rule - The First Rule of Civilization

Battery Laptop Netiquette Rules

Battery - Laptop Netiquette Rules
Battery - Laptop Netiquette Rules

It is proper Netiquette to keep your battery charged. Do charge your battery when it's low.


Power outage is an emergency. A fully charged laptop battery could be a life saver during a blackout. There are other times a person may not be able to plugin when they need to use one. Coffee shops do not always have plugs for customers. Other times all the plugs may be in use by other customers.

Internet Etiquette

In an emergency, natural disaster or other power outage, a device may be a life saver. It can provide light in the dark. Phone numbers, directions, or other needed information may be saved on it. Tethering with a mobile device may provide Internet access.

A fully charged laptop battery provides enough time to perform many routine online activities. Users have enough time to check email, use a social network, and open one or more computer based applications for approximately one to two hours. The time varies depending on the applications used. Without a fully charged battery a users options for laptop use may be limited in a Hotspot because all outlets are full. Keep your battery charged.


Keep the battery charged because power may go out in an emergency.

Golden Rule


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