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Golden Rule Do Unto Others

Iranian Smile

Question: What is the Golden Rule?

Answer: The fundamental truth that gives humanity order. It is the principle of civilization. A civil convention we follow first.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.
-Persian Royalty

Humanity is defined by this. It brought us together as a group. Society is now developing digitally under this principle value.

There is a group that communicates online. Most use this moral as a basic truth. It applies. Equality and polite behavior are special factors.

Math can be used to quantify how cultures developed comparatively. Communities determine how relationships form. Approval is required. We are all part of the human race. So, peer pressure affects us all.

  • Internet Society
  • Ethic of Reciprocity
  • Golden Ratio

Social constraints are real. We represent our families first and foremost. Friendship has been known to influence us. Sometimes more than our parents.

The dynamics of give and take between us vary. Agreement on certain things as a whole is necessary for a positive environment to exist. Digital networking techniques are an organized layer above regular social interaction. We communicate without computers.

As long as we are within ethical boundaries, we can use networking techniques to live our lives. For example, it is not ethical to ignore people around us for mobile devices. We can use them to order delivery from our favorite restaurant to avoid a crowd.

Principle 00:01:07

This production is set in cyberspace. Sharp cuts and animated text are used to introduce the fundamental concept of society.

The rule is displayed. A brief explanation is written under it.

The symbolism is that the rule was written by David Chiles family.


Internet Society

Persian Royalty

Communities form based on relationships. A society is a group who depend on each other. By all accounts, it formed based on one convention. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is the rule that brought us together.

It is written in many religious texts attaching meaning to our actions. Followers have social order. This belief translates into electronic interaction as well.

Discrete data from computers is universal, metrics. Community standards apply to computer users. Our customs come from one basic agreement. Read the netiquette rules created from it.

These go from general to specific. It takes followers for culture to develop. This site has the most followed methods. Cultural development based on our fundamental beliefs. Expression, efficiency, and economy all come from the notion of helping.

Golden Rule
The graphic shows that many religions use it as their principle. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Budhism among others are rooted in it.

Help Others

The online community has come together in this spirit. Many help each other and are helped. We recognize and act accordingly. Assist when and where possible. Look for opportunities. Awesomeness is all over.

Open Source software is an example of us helping each other first because it is free to use. Programmers can and often do make it better for free. The Android Operating System (OS), for example. It comes from a Linux base.

The people who communicate online are a class. Helping is the rule. Hurting is not acceptable. From this concept we are making the world a better place. Computer networking is making us all conscious.

Efficiencies we have gained help everyone. Medical technology is getting better as well. Working together for happier healthier lives has never been easier than now. It is getting even easier. Our condition is getting better.

Ethic of Reciprocity

Give and Take

A reciprocal is an inverse relationship. It creates a duty between us who show each other respect to continue the custom. There is an exchange of appropriate behavior when followed. One for the other.

This is the spiritual, moral, and ethical foundation of community. We use our communication skills for a postive experience. Good engagement adds up. It equals out in the end.

It is a plus because it is necessary to use the internet sometimes. The ethic of reciprocity is to return kindness. Behaving badly online is ignored. Great things are promoted. Exposure is key.

Contacts connect. The more contacts an account has the more views posts get. It takes numbers for the standards to work best. The more contact the more they apply. Friends accept requests from friends of friends.


We are nice because others have been nice to us and we want it to continue. This has to start somewhere. Thus, it is important to make a good first impression in practice and theory. Many overcome a bad one.

There are things that you cannot do to others, even if they have been done to you. The convention allows us to be ourselves in the application of community standards. Alter, disregard, or apply any convention to varying degrees by following this principle first. Do the right thing.

Do the right thing. Learn the customs of internet etiquette to fit in. Decide which to follow. Reference and share this site. Check back often. Be open to new techniques. Technology changes.

Patterns and popularity are a guide. Practice is different than theory. Trends peak. They disappear. Keeping up is part of digital citizenship. We are responsible for what we know.


Golden Ratio


A ratio denotes equality in an equation. This is where the inclusive nature of the philosophy comes from. We have to be equal to exchange. On one side there is a value that equals the other. They are used to compare fractions equally.

Data has an identity from the customs used to create it. We can identify with each other through positive engagement. All we have to do is recognize. It is human nature to be drawn to enjoyable experiences.

Recognition and acceptance come from engaging each other. This can be displayed in a variety of ways. We may get likes, shares, or other affirmation. Network requests are clear indications of belonging.

All interaction is not equal. Posting a lot may get attention. Followers have been known to unfollow due to overposting. Short term gain could be long term ignorance. It depends. Trends may help us determine our best course of action.


Math is used to quantify this expression. Calculations may not appear to hold in the short term. Sharing a story will not result in your story being shared immediately. It will make other users recognize you.

In general, there is a 10 to 1 ratio for shares and likes. One like for every ten given. Quality and exposure are the biggest factors. Share quality stories to get noticed. Others may share yours.

The standards layered on top of our common belief influence the effectiveness of our communication. Follow the 10 core rules of the internet. They are the most popular.

Metrics allow us to determine which engagement methods work best for us. There are formulas that calculate rates used in them. Data providers have a choice in the information they supply. We have a choice on how we interpret it. It is calculated.

Podcast 00:03:30

It comes from Persian Royalty. Persia is modern day Iran. The author, a citizen of the United States of America, David Chiles, is Persian Royalty. This is an explanation of how humanity began with the recording of the agreement.

Role play comes from it. Hunting, food gathering, plumbing, and highways among other great construction projects resulted. It is fascinating that this written social agreement is responsible for modern organizations.

The content is an old version of the text from the page. You can hear the pride in his voice, playful nature in the tone, and enjoyment in making it.

We are coming together as the one world society we are. This is shown by the general agreement and religious connections to this principle. Iran has been leading the way since this site was published. The basis of most religious affiliations can be traced to the creators family.

Nuclear peace treaties have been reached by Iran with many of the worlds highest consuming nations. We are a safer place for that reason alone. By social implication, those countries may not use nuclear force. They do not want it done to them. War is becoming unacceptable.

Justice for the oppressed against governments is happenning through peaceful revolutions, law, and order. The 'Arab Spring' is the most notable wave of revolutions in recent history. Protests and violence are growing in the United States.

Principle 00:01:07

This production is set in cyberspace. Sharp cuts and animated text are used to introduce the fundamental concept of society.

The rule is displayed. A brief explanation is written under it.

The symbolism is that the rule was written by David Chiles family.

Introduction 00:01:08

This production is a fast paced animation with sharp cuts, transitions, and upbeat music. The benefits of this site are shared.

It provides a brief conceptual explanation of netiquettes.

The call to action is to develop your own style using this site. It provides a solution to the problem of appropriate interaction. Be nice.

Digital Customs 00:00:44

This animated production is set in the cyber space. The main character explains the definition of this site.

An explanation of appropriate activity is provided similar to one that may appear in a textbook. It is more in depth than the dictionary version. The presentation is an introduction to positive social interaction.

This is the most comprehensive defintion because it accounts for the evolving meaning. Netiquette documents similar to this site are often created by organizations. In general they are smaller in scale. Some reference this site.

Principles 00:01:27

This animated production is a localized version for the english language that reflects the official standard. was a test site used for staging. This site is official.

The energy and enthusiasm for digital communication from David Chiles is exuded in the up beat nature and tone of the production. This is his passion.

The work is designed specifically for the United States.

Digcit Definition 00:02:02

This animation is set in cyberspace. It represents thoughts we may have about the way we act online. No supporting cast.

Our activity plays a large role in engagement statistics. Smartphones now serve as a hub for our core internet uses. Thus it is presented with a light bulb. They often double as lights.

Consciousness and character are the intended outcome from watching this video.

Browsing Conventions 00:01:21

This production is set in the school classroom. It represents the educational nature of the content.

Browse to surf. Surf to browse. We must use these common practices first after the theory has been applied. They are the first practical applications.

Wendy Wireless represents the majority of women in the world. She is the most beautiful woman in the world. This is a mathematical determination based on population demographics. Brown people and Asians are a majority.

Search Conventions 00:01:15

This production is set in cyberspace. Many images, scenes, and backgrounds are used for emphasis.

These common practices are necessary for practically everything internet related. All web servers must be searched when connections are made. The tips will help us find more relevant results when user input is required.

There are conceptual nuances that can give us an edge in finding the best content we can online. Semantics plays a large role in our results.

VoIP Conventions 00:01:12

This production is set in cyberspace. Many images, scenes, and backgrounds are used for emphasis. Two characters are trying to make a great connection.

Common practices for good wi-fi calling connections are shared.

These concepts may grow to order all telecommunications eventually because it uses less resources than traditional telephones.

Content Display Conventions 00:01:12

This production is set in cyberspace. Many images, scenes, and backgrounds are used for emphasis.

Common practices for making web pages. This includes each post we create. Posts may be viewed as pages.

Email and social media are content that must be designed.