The rules of good behavior online. Everyone could use a little Netiquette. School rules and communication tools.

Golden Rule - The First Rule of Civilization

Education Netiquette Rules Technology Tips for Elearning

Education Netiquette Rules

Published: May 15, 2016

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Category: Science and Technology

Description: This animation is set in the School of Netiquette. The rules of education netiquette are shared in a lesson. It was originally published on YouTube many years ago.


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Education Netiquette Rules

Education Netiquette Rules

Education Netiquette

Education Netiquette Rules are the guidelines of the electronic learning community. Netiquette Rules used study, learn, and teach. Learning is the central goal of these rules. Studying and teaching are required to learn.

Electronics, the Internet, makes the acquisition of knowledge more efficient than past generations. One teacher can teach many more students with available tools. More people can study material for understanding. The pursuit of knowledge still requires motivation and access on a personal level. These rules assist in that pursuit.

The social code of online elearning. These customs are the general guidelines that facilitate the acquisition of knowledge online.


1. No Violence

Be non-violent in engagement. Promote peace. Do not advocate violence. More »

2. Good Behavior

Follow the rules online. More »

3. No Trolls

Argue issues, topics, and subjects. No personal attacks, prejudices, and irrelevant points. More »

4. Teacher Rules

Follow the teacher by staying on topic. More »

5. Privacy

Refrain from sharing personal information. More »

6. Balance

Balance online learning activity. More »

7. Nice Students

Nice students get good grades. Be nice to everyone. More »

8. Help Others

Help others and others will help you. More »

9. Digital Data

Understand that data is not real. More »


At the base level following the rules of the teacher is required. For example, all teachers instruct students to ask questions. Some tell students to ask in discussion forums. Others direct students to websites designed for answering a particular type of question. In general customary practices will help us learn.

Golden Rule


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