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Golden Rule - The First Rule of Civilization

Ecommerce Netiquette Rules Social Guidelines for Buying and Selling

Ecommerce Netiquette Rules

Published: June 18, 2016

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Category: Science and Technology

Description: This is animation shares the rules of netiquette for ecommerce.


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Ecommerce Netiquette Rules

Ecommerce Netiquette Rules

Ecommerce Netiquette Rules

Ecommerce Netiquette Rules. This Netiquette page article is about Netiquette Rules. They are social rules for online shopping and general commerce.

Ecommerce Netiquette is the social code of buying and selling products and services on the Internet. Doing Business online is the sixth layer of Netiquette. It’s the reason for the Information Age as well.

A new basis of our economy. These are rules are guidelines for transacting business in a transaction based economy. They are a sub-category of online business.


1. Secure Websites

Shop secure websites because they protect your information. More »

2. Receipts and Records

Print and save electronic receipts with a product description of items purchased online. More »

3. Due Diligence

Do due diligence before making a purchase online. More »

4. Comparison Shop

Comparison shop. There is always a better deal on the internet. More »

5. Privacy Policy

Check the Terms of Service to find out how companies share your information. Some companies share the information. More »

6. Credit Card

Use a credit or debit card. US Banks and credit card companies hold merchants accountable for the items they sell. More »

7. Shipping Policy

Read the shipping policy. All merchants ship according to their own policy. More »

8. Reconcile Statements

Reconcile your online purchases at the end of every month. More »


These guidelines relate specifically to transactions for goods and services online. There are principle actions that motivate sales. Customs that facilitate them. Apps that process them. Each with conventions for the process.

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