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Computer Safety Netiquette Protection For Devices

Computer Safety Netiquette


This animation has an explanation of computer safety netiquette.


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Computer Safety Netiquette

Computer Safety Netiquette

Computer Safety Netiquette

Computer Safety Netiquette is the culture of preventing computer harm. They may suffer physical and virtual harm from misuse or online activities.

Screens get cracked or scratched. We may leave them open to virtual attack in a number of ways. Customary conduct can prevent this harm.

It is cultural. We keep our computers clean for practical and social purposes. There are standards.


Computer safety netiquette rules keep our computers safe to use. They are guidelines we follow to keep computer hardware and data safe.

Barriers are central to these customs. The guidelines are the physical things we can do to keep computers safe.

Open connections are unsafe in principle. Regulating access is customary. The types of connections and ways to regulate are the rules.

We need to be kept safe from them as well. There are some dangers to humans associated with their use. Good habits may protect us from being harmed by them.

Computer Safety

Computer Safety

Protecting devices from harm includes us as well. There are concerns about electrostatic radiation and other signals from them.

The hardware can break or malfunction posing risk of injury to us. Connections can be closed to prevent breach.

There are lot of things we can do to protect devices. They are fragile. Virtually any software can be compromised. Many products are sold to keep them safe.

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