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Yusef YouTube Biography

Yusef YouTube is a very zealous advocate of Netiquette. Muslim countries have etiquette police. He is a Muslim character in a cast of Catholics, Hindu, and Chinese. He is representing. The character was created by David Chiles.

This is a video sharing network. A video sharing network is Social Media whose primary content is free user uploaded videos. Social Media is User Generated Content (UGC).

YouTube allows users to share videos with the public. Contacts can be made as subscribers. Advertising can be placed on videos. Some accounts are eligible to charge fees or perform live streams.

He is down to give all the trolls out there some real Netiquette. He is not scared of lies because his rise to Netiquette TV comes from the Arab Spring. In the weeks leading up to the protests Quatar starting using Netiquette.

Then in the days leading up to the Egyptian protest Egypt starting using it. The Arab Spring came from Netiquette on at least one level. The nations that had protests all used Netiquette immediately before they began.

Yousef YouTube is a character whose Netiquette runs deep. He is someone that has the experience to be in any production. Hopefully he can be a catalyst in greater use by Muslim countries followed by more characters. He has been a character in Netiquette TV since the beginning. More roles are definitely in his future.