The rules of good behavior online. Everyone could use a little Netiquette. School rules and communication tools.

Golden Rule - The First Rule of Civilization

Yoko Netiquette Biography

Yoko Netiquette is an honorary character because the Japanese culture practices network etiquette a lot. They engage the sites social media content more than most countries with similar populations. The honor in the name is that a classmate and group member of David Chiles was named Yoko. David Chiles created the character.

Netiquette is the social code of network communication. The Internet code of conduct based on the Golden Rule. An ethical philosophy of common rules.

The word is a noun. The social code of network communication. It can be defined in three distinct ways. The social and moral code of the internet based on the human condition and Golden Rule. A philosophy of effective internet communication that utilizes common conventions and norms as a guide for rules and standards.

Yoko Netiquette is a really really good woman. The kind of girl you study with. Her reputation is so good because she does not go to bars. She has a good head on her shoulders and makes good decisions.

Yoko practices good network etiquette. Her decision making skills come from her focus. Goal orientation keeps her on the right path. It is a fast track. She does not have time to waste.