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Golden Rule - The First Rule of Civilization

Wendy Wireless Biography

Wendy Wireless understands the implications of her name. She knows her value to Netiquette. Her presence plays a major role in many productions. The character was created by David Chiles.

Wireless is the transmission of Internet data without wires in waves that travel through the air. The waves are microwaves for Wi-Fi, short range broadband connections. Cellular telephone towers for Wireless carriers use radio waves primarily.

The technology was born in 1968 when the Federal Communications Commission set aside spectrum for its use. Mobile Network Operators, carriers, use designated spectrum, waves, to transmit data. There were several key technological advancements that led up to this.

A telegraph system was its first application. Transistors preceded the invention of cellular technology. Microwave technology was implemented into the telephone system in 1950. This around the same time as the communist scare, which makes it quite probable all telecommunications is being reviewed. Review is the first rule of Netiquette.

Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity. It takes faithful security with the transparency of a good and honest Woman to practice Netiquette. She embodies the principles of Netiquette. A good and honest woman who is always faithful. Mobility is a principle that motivates her.

She is easily movable. Her toned body comes from moving around at the gym. She uses the elliptical machines, practices yoga, and does pilates.

Wendy Wireless is the most valuable player on the netiquette team. She is responsible for sharing more Netiquette than any other character. Her mobility is her greatest asset. She is every where.