The rules of good behavior online. Everyone could use a little Netiquette. School rules and communication tools.

Golden Rule - The First Rule of Civilization

Victor Video Biography

Victor Video is a winner, it’s in his name, victor. He is an avid gamer. His interests include Role Play Games and interactive media. He is confident because he wins. The character was created by David Chiles.

It is a motion picture medium of communication. The images, motion pictures, may be transmitted easily through the Internet because the Internet is a digital transmission medium. Digital is discrete.

Analog uses wave lengths. It broadcasts within a range. Computers render discrete data. MP4 is the most common internet video format. It can be viewed with the Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer web browsers.

He is not your typical gamer. His game videos frequently appear on YouTube and gaming networks. He is very stylish. That is to say he has a lot of Netiquette.

He gets his style from popular film and television. James Bond, the character in movies, is who he models his clothes after. Television and Twitter provide popular words for him to use in his vocabulary. He is known to use hashtags as vocabulary words.

His future is bright. He wants roles in virtual reality productions. His style is so unique he thinks people could learn from it. In fact, he feels giving away 3D Printer blueprints of personal action figures would help his career and the public adopt Netiquette. He is definitely thinking of ways to move his story telling forward. A cool character with cutting edge ideas.