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Toshi Technology Biography

Toshi Technology is a nerd. He has always been into computers. This guy carried a camera before they were on phones, before they were digital. The character was created by David Chiles.

Technology is a new technique or method of doing something. It specifically relates to computers. Computer technologies are new techniques and methods of doing things with electronics.

Electronics are digital. They are computers. New computer models and methods for manufacturing them are included in the term. The techniques for making computers change rapidly. So the process and the product are considered new techniques and methods.

He is the ultimate computer guy. His Internet enthusiasm is legendary. Call him a mobile device maniac. This guy is an all around computer connoisseur.

The iPhone is not good enough for this him because the camera is too low quality. He carries a Smartphone and a phablet with him at all times. Taking pictures is a passion.

Selfie’s are not random pictures for him. He performs a photoshoot to get just one selfie to post on popular picture sharing networks. His extendable selfie stick is something his friends joke about. It is attached to his belt. He even snaps selfie’s with his smartwatch.