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Thomas Troll Biography

Thomas Troll also known as Tommy is the leader of the Troll Klan. It disrupts engagement with insults. They are organized by the views their insults generate. The character was created by David Chiles.

A troll is a person who posts flames. Flames are online insults. Flame wars are the engagement threads created by flames. A thread is the exchange of messages from a given post. Flame bait is a post that may likely generate an insult.

The activity of these nefarious characters is not always clear. Most disagree for the sake of argument, which is a flame. It is not genuine engagement. Responses to flames create flame wars. Posting without replying to flames cannot be considered a flame or a flame war. It can be considered a statement. Trolls post flames.

Thomas is a real instigator. He does not like anybody unless he is scheming in some way. He will start a flame war with anyone for any reason. He has many different profiles because he is banned from so many networks.

There is a role in Netiquette TV because opposing views move discussions forward. His views are opposing. The character puts forth views that are unpopular. They are not always wrong. Most of the time they are not appropriate, which is wrong. On a certain level online society needs someone to say what no one else will. The problem with him is the way he says it.

There is a lot of room for growth in this character. New roles in Netiquette TV may show a clear progression to acceptance for him. He can get away with saying what we all think because of his reputation.