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Tammy Tablet Biography

Tammy Tablet, Ms. Tablet, is smart yet simple. She will monitor anyone in any type of relationship with her. That is why she is smart. Her simplicity is in her openness. The Character was created by David Chiles.

This computer is an electronic device that has a video touch screen. Most are at least six inches. The standard size for a mini-tablet is seven inches. Ten inch tablets are considered full size.

They are touch screen open face computers with internet connections. The ability to use Mobile Apps makes them productive. Many people connect keyboards to tablets and use them in a similar way as laptops. The separation between keyboard and touchscreen is a key difference between a tablet and laptop.

Tammy is young, beautiful, voluptuous and knows it. Her brains are the power behind her beauty. She knows men like women in dresses and skirts. That is why she wears them. Her beauty is very commanding.

She is hot stuff. She knows everyone wants her and she uses that to get what she wants. She is very free with herself, so everyone likes her. This does not mean she has a lot of friends. The people associated with her are followers.

This woman knows how to get what she wants with her looks. It is a good thing because she gives people what they want to get it. She knows how to give people the attention they crave to get her the things she desires.

Being nice and kind to everyone is just a start. Supportive comments about things people care about most get her foot in the door. Genuine friendship is what she offers, nothing more.