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Sara Social Media Biography

Sara Social Media is a very traditional woman. She is no nonsense, with the beauty of a pinup model. Her name is not hyphenated. Sara is her first name. Social is her middle name. Media is her last name.

Social Media is User Generated Content (UGC). Sharing is required. Social Media domains allow users to generate content, which is uploaded to the cloud, remote computers. Then it becomes social, content created within a given network that users may alter.

Sharing is what makes media social. UGC must be shared to be appreciated. Our contacts must affirm or improve it. Often times comments add value to content. They support it. Peer interaction classifies us together. It is social.

Pinup model describes her because she makes an extra effort to tone her body. Her voluptuous looks, skinny waist, and long hair are traditionally beautiful in the USA. She is Hispanic. Pinup model is a reference to magazine or lingerie models.

She makes connection requests regularly, posts racy pictures, and accepts all friend requests. Nothing she writes is truly personal. It is to strengthen the online connection. It is for a connection between a fan and follower. It is not for being friends in real life.

Sara Social Media is a MySpace Model with the brains of a computer scientist. Sara embodies everything good about Social Media and is not afraid to tell you about it.