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Labeeb Laptop Biography

Labeeb Laptop is a really cool Muslim guy who means business. He has been working on and around computers his whole life. His college education is in business. The character was created by David Chiles.

A Laptop is an easily movable computer with the power of a full screen. The screens have more pixels to display graphics and images than other mobile devices. It is a mobile device because it is easily moveable. They have keyboards that are physically connected to a video screen.

The entire Windows and Android software market is available to these Windows based devices. There are programs that can emulate the Android OS on them with free software. All Windows software can be used as well. Apple and Linux OS’s have a limited number of software applications available.

Labeeb Laptop knows his interests well. He is a nerd and a geek who has a place in that community. Nothing really bothers him because there is always something for him to do with his devices.

He is a member of several communities and societies dedicated to computers and other stuff that many consider nerdy. He finds himself a valued participant in most of his activities because he volunteers regularly. His helpfulness is what makes him a nerd and a geek.

He is always willing to help in his best interests. Basically, he finds his place by making himself useful. His personality is to please those around him. It is natural for him to be helpful.