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Hector Humanity Biography

Hector Humanity is nice guy who does the right thing no matter what. He does not have the brightest smile, but he does have the kindest heart. The character was created by David Chiles.

Humanity is the collection of human beings. Kindness, love, for one another is what makes us human. Understanding, sympathy, and tolerance separate us from animals as well as other knowledge acquired through logic. In short, it is love.

Humanities are the ways various human cultures show love. They can be studied in formal education. Religion, ethics, languages, and linguistics are typically studied humanities. History and philosophy may be included as well.

The ‘human condition’ is humanity. This is how we relate to one another to help each other. Social behavior is part of it. Antisocial behavior are actions that do not help each other. Actions that hurt people are not humane.

He follows his heart with his actions. He will tell you something if you need to be told. Following your heart and giving people information they need even if it is not pleasant does not make him overly emotional. He is compassionate without being overly passionate.

Stoicism is an art that he studied. Greek philosophy is one of his interests. A human approach to technology is one of his disciplines in stoicism. An eco-friendly environment is another. He looks for the good in people. Then brings it out with his interests in mind.