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Graham Graymail Biography

Graham Graymail is the cool guy in class with all the friends. He has tons of social friends, which makes him very popular. The character was created by David Chiles.

Graymail is almost spam. It is email that is not personally written for one recipient. Newsletters, account verification, and coupons fit into this category. Its receipt is accepted.

Typically the recipient signs up or subscribes to an email list in order to receive this type of message. Many account registration forms include a pre-checked box that allows the communication. The box must be unchecked to disallow the messages.

All his friends want a good deal on something. He is the go to guy for this type of information. He always knows where to get the best prices.

His contacts give him special prices for all the referrals he makes. The connections he makes are loose. People come to him for deals. He goes to them for deals. They have a good time in the process. Groups include him because of his good deals. He has a few select friends.

Graham is the go to guy. He knows a lot of people. A lot of people know him. His life is still very private. He serves people. Most people appreciate his service.