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Cindy Smartphone Biography

Cindy Smartphone is very complicated. Any type of touch is a relationship. Sort of like a relationship setting on a popular social network. The character was created by David Chiles.

The mobile internet is the use of easily movable electronics connected to the internet. This computer is a mobile device that uses the mobile internet, wireless and wifi. Telephone and Internet communications are enabled by Mobile Network Operators, wireless carriers, and or wifi.

Smartphones use Mobile Apps. Mobile Apps are software applications designed for the platform. These Apps can and will do a lot for us. They make electronics Smart, Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART).

She has a name that is an acronym and it can be hyphenated. It was created from the marriage between mobile phone service, internet connections, and third party applications that use internet connections. Her name is a three way call to start off with.

It gets more complicated than that. Smart is an acronym which stands for Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology. This describes a certain type of Mobile App.

It is the mark the beast. Just kidding. The acronym was developed for cattle monitoring computer chips. It switched to Internet Apps around 1999 or 2000. It makes her a great manager. She marks her territory and assists others in great work.

Cindy Smartphone is no dummy. Ms. Smartphone is the most organized well put together character in the cast. She has great rules for applications and knows when and where to regulate. Her future in Netiquette TV is assured. She can manage to be in almost any production.