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Golden Rule - The First Rule of Civilization

Attachment Netiquette The Culture of Content Attached To Messages

Attachment Netiquette

Attachment Netiquette

Attachment Netiquette

Attachment Netiquette is the social code of attaching files to documents for electronic communication.

Files can be attached to almost any type of document. Email is the most common type. It has its own culture.

Most of us think of file attachments in terms of email. That is the most popular use of file attachments. There are many other reasons and ways to attach files.

Submitting homework for online classes often involves attachments. There are many types of submission that include attachments.


Attachment netiquette rules are the common ways files are attached to digital documents. Convenience and security are central to these conventions.

Files have to be downloaded to be opened. This can take a long time.

In addition, it can harm your computer. Viruses and malware are notoriously included in attachemnts.



An attachment is a file included with a digital document. Email is the most common form. Other forms include web pages, account profiles, and many other methods of electronic communication.

It is the uploading of a file. An attached must be downloaded separate from the document it is attached to.

Another computer has to receive the files to be opened. It can be automatic or require confirmation. Any file type can be added. Certain types are excluded for security.

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