The rules of good behavior online. Everyone could use a little Netiquette. School rules and communication tools.

Golden Rule - The First Rule of Civilization

App Netiquette Rules The Cultural Norms of Software

App Netiquette Rules

App Netiquette Rules

App Netiquette Rules

App generally refers to mobile applications. Specifically it includes all software applications. An App is a software application.

Mobile Operating Systems (OS) allow users to install Apps on their devices. Google's Android OS and Apple's Internet OS, iOS, are the most popular.

Categorization is central to the social code of apps. They are categorized by software type and function. Finding them in stores is the first order.

How we use them comes next. Smart apps are what we are building up to, informatization. App Stores sell mobile apps. General apps are traditionally available from manufactures.

There are many outlets for apps. Operating System (OS) and device makers have the largest interest in delivering them. They have the largest stores.


1. Reasonable Purchases

Purchase reasonably. Paying more than .99 is unreasonable in most cases. More »

2. Freemium

Use Freemium. Free to download. Premium to remove ads and unlock features. More »

3. Browse

Browse before you buy. There are many alternatives.More »

4. Uninstall

Uninstall software that you do not use for optimal device performance. More »

5. Social Networking

learn how to navigate screens for your favorite social networks. More »


Apps have many conventional uses. They are becoming more conventional. The guidelines are determined by popularity. Things change fast. iOS has the most influence in the United States. This with change with informatization because Android is the biggest platform and most influential in the world.

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