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Antivirus Netiquette Cultural Protection From Viruses

Antivirus Netiquette

Published: June 18, 2016

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Description: This animation has an explanation of antivirus netiquette.


David Chiles

Antivirus Netiquette

Antivirus Netiquette

Antivirus Netiquette

Antivirus Netiquette is the culture of computing free of a virus. How we scan, quarantine, and delete viruses.

This type of software protects computers from data breach or other damage by hackers. Its protections from malicious code is cultural.

There are programs designed to protect computers from changes in the operation that manipulate data in various ways. Viruses can erase, share, and steal computer information.


Antivirus netiquette rules protect computers with customary practices for software programs. There are limited ways viruses can gain access to a computer.

Often times they are granted access. Controlling access is central to this from of safety.

Specialized software is the best defense. There are many types. Customary use can depend on online activities.

Each user is different and different user groups have different rules. At least one program for protection is advised.

Multiple programs may be used to protect highly sensitive data. High risk activity may require more security as well.



Antivirus software applications scan, monitor, and protect computer data. These are utility software programs. They check for corrupt files that may damage data.

Computer access is monitored to prevent hackers from accessing user information and software programs.

Data is protected by deleting and quarantining corrupt files. It alerts the software company of potential attacks.

A virus is a program deliberately designed to record, destroy, and execute computer functions without the users knowledge or consent. Antivirus is a word that describes a class of programs used to fight viruses also known as malware.

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