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Question: What is Netiquette?

Answer: Social guidelines of digital etiquette for ethical behavior created from popular conventions. A policy document for online interaction by an organization.

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Netiquette Rules

Treat others the way you want to be treated.
-Persian Royalty

Moral literacy is knowledge of tips most of us follow. Techniques vary by category and site. Technology news is informatization. Words give it meaning.

Normal activity is appropriate behavior. Extreme is out of bounds. Excessive is too much. Never is too little. Routine is comfortable. Moderation for inclusion.

Simple greeting, salutation, comment, and other manners that help us connect. Designed to be universal because the Golden Rule is the principle. Remember to be human.

Wikipedia conceptualizes it as etiquette in technology. Organizations make their own policies. We do as our friends, family, and faith do.

Find out the rules of the internet. Learn more about Social Media, Mobile, Education, Safety, Business, Email, and Video. Do what others do to be liked and get responses.

Read to discover standards. Share pages from this site for influence with the footer buttons. Teach others with positive reinforcement.

Internet Etiquette

The rules of the internet enable effective communication. Digital Citizenship requires us to avoid behaving badly online. Find out the 10 core rules.

Additional categories and sub-categories exist for methods and domains. This is the order of the Information Age. The analysis connected devices provide through apps is changing our culture, informatization.

Internet Etiquette

Social Media

We avoid behaving badly with good communication skills for User Generated Content (UGC). Sharing through connections with our friends in networks.

Blog, picture, and social network websites are friendly because of the connections they allow. Posting makes it media. Our updates are news for contacts. Learn the do's and don'ts.

Social Media


We use smartphones, tablets, and laptops more than any 'thing' else. A 'thing' is a computer with a network connection. We can always use them. However it is not always appropriate.

We are more informed. Self Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology (Smart) gives us a new way to view our world. Real-time results for our needs from easily movable electronics are redefining our actions. Acquire the necessary skills to improve your life.



We must be taught right from wrong to know any better. We are learning. These rules of the internet are tried and true, taught and tested. Learning them creates opportunities for consumption because smart people don't fight.

We make commerce. Violence is for the undeducated and oppressed. There are tactics we can use to acquire skills. Everyone has to learn.


Internet Safety

The rules of the internet offer freedom from harm and risk because there is 'safety in numbers'. Popular tactics are safe. This is often middle ground.

We have to be vigilant in the protection of our data as it becomes more important to our lives. These best practices are good ideas that have worked in the past.

Internet Safety


The Information Age began. Green construction is an indicator because time periods are marked by changes in architecture. Data is becoming the basis our lives. Transaction processing, ecommerce, facilitates the consumption of goods and services.

Everything that assists is part of the process. Device connectivity has given electronics a larger role. Don't be left out. Get the web professional standards.



Email etiquette has the most refined conventions because it is the oldest form. Style and format varies. Timing and tone are standard.

There are expectations regarding when and how electronic messages are sent or received. The content determines how it is handled. Some have higher priority than others. Know how to handle messaging.



Digital pictures and streaming use the most bandwidth. Motion pictures include written, verbal, and gesture conventions. There is a lot to consider.

The credits are written. Music and spoken words provide audio. Body language indicates tone. Everything applies. Some things are exclusive. Live and immersive are leading edge formats. Read this for helpful advice.



There are three sections. New vocabulary applies to networking. Old is given new meaning. Acronyms shorten terms for efficiency. Terms explain the methods. Often times with multiple words.

Understanding orders our interaction. For this, there are definitions, word maps, and explanations. Knowledge required for participation in society.


Computer related words describe the culture. They are defined with one sentence explanations. This gives our activity context. We can understand each other by using standard vocabulary.

Contact has new meaning. Electronic data transfer changes everything. We connect with each other by innovative means. Get the definitions.


Acronyms are everywhere. Many have multiple meanings. A reference is required to decipher them in some cases. They are used for personal messages, job skills, and organizations among other things.

We cannot know some meanings without clarification. Know what the abbreviations represent. Study them. Check this site as a reference often. Bookmark it.


Generic words classify. They make terms. The connections we have in common bring us together. These advances need some explanation.

The categories and types of engagement are described by terms. Often, they are comprised of multiple words. Launch yourself into cyberspace by learning what it means. Know what your doing.


Top technology stories. Education and entertainment. Edutainment. Learn more about computer innovation. Have fun discovering popular connection techniques.

Find out how tech will help us live healthier more productive lives. Read articles that show us the benefits of software. Important hacker stories we need to know.

Stories that we share and like about the digital customs in society. Fun and exciting stuff. Relevant to everyone because we all use the computers.

Negative content is not included. Security alerts may cause concern. The standards are inclusive. Positive news meant to educate and entertain.



Appropriate behavior in acceptable online activities starts here. Positive relationships create the class. Further reading and instruction is provided in books.

There are two completed in the series. The principles title is the foundation of this site. An extension follows. Exclusive actionable advice is included.


Common knowledge required to effectively communicate is in the first one. Things we can do to increase engagement. Achieve popularity as an influencer. Core practices for successful online activity.

Belong after reading it. Learn inside information. Do not miss out. There are extensive guidelines beyond this site. Full descriptions of technology and fundamental concepts.


Correct activity is included in the second. Features of specific websites and software programs give readers the knowledge of power use. Insider information that professionals and those with online influence use.

Google secrets. Do more for you after reading. Some know the basics. That is where each chapter starts. There is an emphasis on proven ways to increase metrics.